Online Makeup School

Doing makeup like a pro is the goal for most women. You want to be able to transform your face in the most appealing way. There is a lot more to makeup application than you may realize. This means that if you are looking for access to the top makeup hacks that the pros use, it is time that you took a makeup course.

Online Makeup School Made Easy

Makeup school online can be great because they allow you to get access to all the pro information that can transform any makeup look. This means that if you are looking to make your makeup products last longer or simply create a flawless makeup look, all you have to do is take a makeup school online course that is taught by the top makeup pros in the industry.

Gel Liner Cat Eye Application

One of the hottest trends in makeup is the cat eye look. If you want to create the perfect cat eye look, it is best to use liner that is of more gel consistency. If all you have is a regular eye liner pencil lying around, it is possible to turn that into gel form by just using a lighter. All you have to do is take a lighter and apply the flame to the tip of the eye liner pencil. You can then let it cool for about 15 seconds and it will be of more gel consistency, which is much easier to smudge. This will allow you to create the perfect cat eye look without having to buy new eye makeup, you can just use the eye liner that you have on hand and just make it more versatile all with the use of a lighter.

How to Use Concealer

Concealer is one makeup item that you need to know how to use. If you have under eye circles, you know how important concealer can be. It has the ability to make your dark circles disappear, but you need to know how to apply concealer in the best way. This means that you always should apply concealer in the shape of a triangle under your eye.

This will give you the most coverage and ensure that your dark circles disappear. Sitting on your concealer is not as effective as the triangle method, so you need to be sure that you apply it the right way for a flawless look.

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